Photography for Young Creative Minds


With technological expansion along with the advent of the modern cameras and mobile phone cameras, photography has become easier to afford. Today, learning photography is no longer limited to the comfortable classes who can afford the fees of the photography institute. Just anyone can afford to enroll in a photography class, provided he has the passion to discover it.From the aspect of a curricular activity, it imparts great benefits to the young minds.

Educational benefits of photography for young creative minds

When it comes to learning photography for any age group, it offers a plethora of valuable and exciting learning experiences. Indeed, you can say some great experiences.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • It excites youngsters to create their own unique ideas
  • Allow teenagers to display their own potential in the form of creativity
  • Learning this new skill can encourage self-esteem in children
  • It encourages presentation and planning skills
  • Generate an innovative side
  • Provides youngsters and children with the opportunity to communicate thoughts ideas
    and feelings through photographs

How can young creative minds start with photography?

There are several camera models available in the market that are specially designed for
youngsters and children. If you feel that your little one is interested in clicking pictures and has
special skills, buy him/her a camera to give inspiration.

What you need to understand when buying a camera for your child?

  • Does it come with user friendly settings automatic or manual?
  • Is it long lasting or durable?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • What are the features of the camera?
  • Can it turn off itself automatically?

Photographic activities for your child – How to get set go!

The first teachings always start from the home.
If your child has an eye, enroll a him/her in a photography school to brush up their skills. Once you find that your child has got a grip on using the camera, encourage them to take fun filled photo with lot of expressions of everything around them may it be people or pets. You can encourage them to photograph family occasions, school events, pet etc.
Be descriptive, use adjectives for describing the kind of pictures they need to click. Like, the word ‘tall’ can be used to describe a building or ‘cute’ for a puppy. Go limitless with colors. Provide them with the list of colors that they need to show up in their images. Encourage your child to imagine a story behind every shot. There are numerous approaches to it. For instance, you can ask your kid to take some pictures and write a short story that goes with the flow and remember, they should feel the moment when they are clicking
images as expressive images make more impact.

How Mobile Phones encourage photography?

However, thanks to the smartphone applications, kids nowadays are getting hands-on cameras earlier than it was ever possible before. Snapshots and selfies are really fun. The wide range of photography – starting from family portraits to backyard panoramas to still-life compositions – it gives kids a new way to visualize the world. Clicking digital pictures about interesting places and moments is a cool way to share with friends and family.
Moreover, photography can develop the vision, identity, and voice of a child as it pertains to friends, family, and community. Similarly, it strengthens the bonding between visual and other expression forms.
According to the experts, smartphones with applications help children to learn photography quickly, but on the flip side they also slow down the ability to create photographs with intention. These applications comprise of auto settings for background and foreground, facial expressions, etc. Hence, there is no need for a photographer to put much efforts.


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