Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy A Property


Investing in real estate like buying a property is a great endeavor. It is an important decision, which is why you need to prepare and plan accordingly. If you want to buy a property in Dubai, thorough planning is needed – finding your ‘home’ is not done as easy as many would think.

Being a home buyer, here are the things that you need to know and consider before planning on buying a property:

  1. The first thing you have to keep in mind is you have to take your time. You don’t need to rush in deciding because you have all the time in the world to know which is the best property for you. Choosing a property isn’t just like shopping for shoes or bags in a department store – it’s finding the perfect place that you can call ‘home’.
  2. Next is to look for the best area to buy property in Dubai. There are a lot of good residential units, villas, and townhouses that you can find around Dubai. The real estate industry in the city is truly remarkable. Working with an agent will also help you find the perfect home for you. These agents are knowledgeable about the best places wherein you can invest in.
  3. The third is to reassess yourself. Think whether it’s worthy to buy a property now or you can postpone it for the future. You have to be sure what you’re going to do.
  4. Be honest with yourself – only buy the property if you can truly afford it without going totally bankrupt. You don’t need to drown in debts just because you wanted to buy a property that’s way out of your league. Remember, you can still acquire a better property in the future once you have more than enough funds.
  5. Ask yourself – is this house truly worthy of the investment that I will make? Before you finally settle in one property, make sure that you truly like it – that it meets all your standards; so that in the end, you won’t regret anything.
  6. Speaking of monetary issues, before you purchase a property, make sure that all your finances are in order. Monitor your credit and debit accounts and if possible, before buying a house, don’t make any more major purchases. This can help stabilize your funds before the big day.
  7. Once you already put interest in the property, ask your agent to tell you everything you have to know about it. Like, how long has it been on the market, how long has it been since its construction, and ask for copies of insurance, utility, and tax bills.
  8. You should also ask your agent about the procedures of buying a house. Work with the best real estate in Dubai so you will have better chances of finding good properties.
  9. Once everything has been settled, give it time before you move into the new house. The property is already yours so moving can be done according to when you want it. Settle all your payments in the old property first or if you are to sell it, fix its transfer, before you finally settle in your new home.
  10. If you want to sell your old house, look for real estate companies who can manage your property so you will be able to focus on more important matters – like moving into the new property. 

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